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Share your mobile app Ideas with our community.
Share your App Ideas with our community and your friends
Discover other mobile app Ideas and contribute to the team as a Developer, User Experience Designer, Tester, or Project Manager.
Discover other great Ideas and contribute to their development
Earn money from the Ideas you help to develop, and reach publication.
Earn money from your Ideas and the Apps you help build


auto-generated instantly

Integration with facebook, to share with your friends.
We are building a community of Developers, Designers, and people with Ideas. Once your idea is published we'll feature your work with our followers.
Integration with LinkedIn, to share your profile with the team.
Share your professional profile and learn about the people you work with. Add Hive projects to your resume to help build upon your portfolio.
Integration with Slack, for real-time progress notifications and team communication.
Chat with your team and receive real-time progress notifications as work is completed, making team communication seamless.
Integration with Google Drive, to manage your content in a centralized location.
Store, share, and collaborate on any type of file to keep all of your content in one central location.
Integration with Pivotal Tracker, for Project Management.
Lightweight and intuitive tools integrated into the Hive project management interface, to help design and organize your app.
Integration with moqups, for User Experience development and wireframe design.
Create wireframes for your app and collaborate with your team, to develop a unique user experience.
Integration with GitHub, for Version Control.
Version control system for developers. Integrates with the Hive project management system to correlate commits to user stories.
Integration with PhoneGap:Build, for Continuous Integration builds.
Continuous integration builds for all major platforms, every time code is committed to GitHub. Download apps to your device.
Integration with PayPal, to get paid when your projects earn money from the Google Play, the App Store, and Windows Phone Store.
Safe and reliable way to get paid your work once your app is published and starts earning revenue.


registration, tool integration, and download in under 1 minute

Step 1
Register using your email address, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
Step 2
If your email address is publicly visible on GitHub, we'll prompt you to click Get Started from the tutorial.
Step 3
With Developer Project selected, set the Project Name, then click Submit.
Step 4
You will see each of the integrations being configured in real-time.
Step 5
Every time you push to your GitHub repository, a new build will trigger.