Understanding Hive: The Basics

What is Hive?

Hive is a project management tool that integrates known and loved development software. This enables teams to work efficiently, remotely, and in an organized manner. Our development teams use Agile Methodologies, a process of planning that enables individuals to work together to accomplish a shared goal.

Hiveapps.io is powered by what we like to call the “Hive Engine” which is a software development and measurement platform that is used as the structure for each of Hive’s powerful offerings. From managing sprints and planning your project’s features to finding out what your development team is working on today and what they have queued up for the rest of the week….Hive does it all. For people who don’t want to be part of the app development process, Hive has a public page. This is where you can submit your own app ideas to gain votes in an effort to build a development team and turn your concept into a reality.

What is a Developer Project / “1 Minute App”?

Our Developer Project, commonly referred to as “1 Minute App”, is truly the easiest way to start building mobile apps. It not only provides you with initial source code, but also integrates every tool you need into one location so you can build and manage your team from wherever you are in the world. The tools provided include a version control system (GitHub), a project management tool (Pivotal Tracker), a communication platform (Slack), a file repository (Google Drive), and a continuous integration tool (PhoneGap Build).....all of which Hive integrates in under 60 seconds.

How do Public ideas on Hive work?

After registering, you will be prompted with an initial tutorial. The instructions provided will explain the core concepts of Hive based on your role in the Hive community. Once the tutorial is completed, you will be able to submit ideas and gain votes on these submissions in an effort to build your development team. After this team is formed, you can decide how involved you would like to be in the project. This group will work together to build out your idea and turn the concept into reality.

Will someone steal my ideas?

In the words of Albert Einstein “A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.” We at Hive acknowledge that sharing ideas online poses risks, but keeping them to yourself can be a great disservice to you and the community. We truly believe that ideas are not meant to be kept to oneself, never to be shared with the world because truthfully, what good is an idea that can never be made into a reality?

We have done everything in our power to protect your intellectual property, and we strongly believe that Hive is the best alternative in the world to traditional app development. Many of the customary avenues such as consulting or solo-development are long and extremely expensive processes that commonly do not appeal to the average individual.

We understand that online submissions can be intimidating, but hope you are able to acknowledge that your ideas are an extension of your creativity and deserve to be developed.

Who is Hive for?

Hive is designed for individuals who enjoy working in a team environment. With our website you will be able to share, promote, and bring ideas to life. Once your app is completed, it will be ready for the app stores where it can begin making you money.

As a Developer why should I care about Hive?

Hive is the easiest way in the world for a developer to get started building mobile apps. By choosing to start a Developer Project, all of your tools will integrate into a single location and the initial code will be generated, all in under 60 seconds! This means you will not only be able to download a test version of your app, but also start planning user stories, tracking bugs, and managing team activity, all with just a click of a button!

How does the Development Team make money?

All team members directly responsible for an app’s production will receive a percentage of the profits. We have structured it this way to prevent immediate direct compensation for development, which can be extremely pricey and lead to great ideas never being built.

The percentages are divided based on how much work a team member has put into development. There are five categories to an app team: Inventor, Project Manager, Designer, Developer, and Tester. Percentages are broken up between these groups as follows:

Inventor: 10%

Manager: 10%

Designer: 15%

Developer: 50%

Tester: 15%

Equity is distributed this way to ensure proportional compensation based on how much work has been put into development.

So how does Hive make money?

Hive makes money two ways. The first is equity in app ideas. The second is through subscriptions to privatization. When a ‘Public’ idea is submitted, Hive takes 4% equity off the top for bringing your team together and providing the platform to build your app. The second revenue stream, privatization, is a service that will be implemented very soon. The subscription privatizes your idea, removing it from the public page. If you opt for the subscription within 60 days of submitting your idea, Hive will not take equity, but will be compensated by the income from your subscription.

Why do people contribute to projects?

Users of Hive contribute to projects for various reasons. Many will join to make money, but most will put their skills to work to become a part of something bigger than themselves, working with others from around the world, all focused on a single goal: bringing ideas to life.

Where do ideas come from?

All ideas on Hive come from people like you. We believe that everyone has an “Ah-ha!” moment where they think “Wow, there should be an app for that!.” With Hive, these lightbulb moments can come to life.

How do I submit my idea to the Hive community?

Presenting an idea on Hive is very simple. All you need to do is click the “Submit” button, located in the header of every page. Once the ‘submit popup’ appears, select “Public” and then click “Get Started.” This will route you to the ‘submission page,’ where you will be prompted to fill out the ‘Name,’ ‘Tagline,’ and ‘Description’ fields. After, select the category that best captures the essence of your idea. Once you have completed each of these fields, simply click ‘Submit!’

What happens after I submit my idea?

After submitting your idea, we run it through a brief screening process to confirm that our Terms have been met. You will receive an email regarding “next steps” and instructions outlining how to share your ideas with friends in order to gain votes and build a Hive team.

As the inventor how can I better my chances of getting my idea developed?

We encourage all inventors to share their ideas and promote them to gain traction within the Hive community. This is done by inviting friends to ‘like’ your idea and rounding up an initial team to launch the project. As your idea’s popularity rises, more developers will be willing to participate in its creation.

The Hive Process: How Development Works

Who develops the app ideas?

Hive has no employees, only willing participants who want to join our community. This includes users who have no previous experience but want to participate in the production of apps. Even with little experience, you can test apps, participate in project management, and help skilled developers turn your ideas into reality.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Every app idea is unique, therefore, all ideas take varied amounts of time to develop. Some ideas are simple and can be completed in less than one week, but other ideas can take a year or more to finish. The length of a project is dependent on the complexity of the idea as well as the team’s involvement.

How can I contribute even though I don’t know how to write code?

Here at Hive, we have put a lot of thought into ways to include everyone in the development process. We are proud to say that we have built a process that enables users with no prior knowledge to contribute to any project that interest them. This has been made possible through roles such as ‘project manager,’ ‘tester,’ and ‘designer.’ These roles are made for anyone, even users with no development experience. We strongly encourage you to try out these roles and become familiar with the development process.

How do I get paid for my contributions?

Hive tracks all user contributions in order to know what percentage stake each member has in an idea. By doing this, we can send you your hard earned cash. All payments are made via PayPal, and we require that you have a PayPal account to ensure you receive compensation.

What happens if a project falls behind or if a team member drops out?

The development process of Hive enables members to add or drop a project at any time. Therefore, if a team member leaves halfway through the project, anyone in the Hive community could then fill his/her spot and pick up right where the previous member left off.